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  • Free Money!!! Scholarship Index for College Bound Students
    NOTE TO STUDENTS: All High Schools have a scholarship site located within their school counseling website. Please see your high school counselor for additional opportunities. You can see your school clerk, in the guidance office, to order official copies of your transcripts.

    Guaranteed Money!

    Fast Web!

    College Board

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    Financial Aid

    Federal Student Aid

    Edu Pass

    College Net

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    Florida Shines

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    My College $$$'s

  • Learn How Computer Programming Works!
    Set up an account and log in so you can continue your work at home at
    Don’t forget to use your headphones and help each other!
  • Research and Resources from Our Media Center

    Cool Videos, Pictures, Audio

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    Watch & Listen

  • Get Fast Fingers! Learn How to Type!

    The ONLY Way to Win is to practice
    with your fingers on the right keys!

  • Eighth Graders - Fight the Virus Infecting Our Computers!
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  • Videos and Pictures Taken By Stone Students!

    by SNN

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    Tips for
    Your Mac

    Wired Wednesdays
    by SNN

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    Stayin’ Legit
    on the Net

    Recycling PSA’s
    by AVID

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    Community Service
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    Stone News Network

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    Select Broadcasts and Reports

  • Be A Code Geek!